Troy McKelski

While first impressions may suggest Troy’s an inept goofball, he is a decorated war hero and masterful pilot.

OCCUPATION: General of Mercia
AGE: 28
WEIGHT: 152 lb.

The poster boy of the Mercian people, Troy is a well-regarded figure in his country and praised for his airship tactics. A friendly, goody two-shoes and momma’s boy, Troy always strives to do what’s best for his people. He’s leery of Mysteelion foreigners, but if they can prove themselves good to the people of Mercia, he’ll welcome them with open arms.

Troy may not be the smartest tactician, but his honesty, determination, and skills as a pilot has pulled him through many tight spots.

Troy always wanted to fly airships since he was a child, so it’s no wonder he pursued a career as a pilot. He also enjoys knitting and adores cats.

He’s not a fan of the country Mysteel, sad endings in movies, or humidity ruining his hair.

A charming individual who goes out of his way to help others, Troy’s definitely a friendly face to those down on their luck. He’s generous, with a good chunk of his salary going to various charities, and his bravery has won him battles that were predicted to be a death wish.

Troy’s definitely judgmental to anyone from Mysteel, quick to accuse them of crimes or foul play. It doesn’t help that he’s a bit dim, not catching on to any grand schemes he tries to uncover, and he’s also well known for being gullible.

Troy’s also known as “The Prince of the Skies” to those outside Mercia, named for his deadly capabilities in an airship.

His personal airship, The Aurora, is named after his mother.

Troy spends about two hours each day styling his hair.

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