Riley Zinc

The world is a scary place, and Riley feels he’s the only one that notices.

OCCUPATION: Musician, “babysitter”
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 6′ 3″
WEIGHT: 145 lb.

Constantly dragged into horrifying, unnatural situations on a daily basis, there’s a reason why Riley’s paranoid and skittish. He’s witnessed vending machines killing people, a little girl lighting a room ablaze, and a (supposed) dead man smuggling weed into a foreign country. Yet no one believes him when he explains why he keeps stumbling onto corpses.

When Riley isn’t rattling off conspiracy theories or screaming, he spends his downtime writing music. It’s only then he truly feels at peace.

Riley enjoys playing the piano, bicycles, and cornbread (but only in small amounts, given the saturated fats).

He hates horror movies, his own bad luck, and gets scared when he’s alone for too long.

Riley is a creative individual, both in the arts and in problem-solving. Even if he believes in conspiracy theories, he tends to be the voice of reason. Given his cowardly ways, it’s no surprise Riley is also the fastest sprinter of the group as well.

Scared of his own shadow, Riley won’t be the first to bound into danger if given the option. He’s socially awkward as well, often going on tangents about his life story and unsettling statistics. On top of all that, he’s a passive man who will bend to others’ wills to avoid conflict.

Riley has a metal plate in his head, under the scar. It occasionally picks up radio signals.

Flint is his great-great uncle. While the two are rarely apart, they spend a lot of time arguing with each other.

He takes meticulous care of his teeth.

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