Polly Rockport

Absolutely ripped and full of wonder, Polly loves wandering into the unknown in search of adventure.

OCCUPATION: “Babysitter”
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5′ 6″
WEIGHT: 202 lb.

Polly’s upbeat and always looking to challenge herself, whether that be athletically, intellectually, or finding what’s deemed lost to time. Her positive attitude and yearn to improve has made her into a powerful, worldly woman who will keep trying to improve the lives of others with her actions.

Just don’t ask her to do any delicate tasks.

She enjoys exploring the world, uncovering hidden secrets and taking pictures of her experience. Polly also craves for justice, always willing to punish evildoers and right the wrongs she sees. To relax, she likes to cook and read comics.

While she has no issues decking someone in an altercation, she can’t handle social confrontations well. Thunderstorms scare her, and she gets nervous around fire.

She’s been all over the globe—the vampire city of Nigota, through the lands of Mysteel, and now on the plateau holding up Mercia. Her worldly experience and dedication to learn about other cultures lends her to fit right in wherever she goes. Polly’s positivity shines through even the most dreary of thoughts, and she could wrestle a bear if she wanted to. Or smash a car with just her hands.

While she’s knowledgeable, she can’t seem to think ahead of the “now,” landing her in precarious situations. She’s worked through a lot of her social anxiety, but it still flares up with verbal conflicts and sometimes doubting her own abilities. Polly’s mind tends to wander, leaving her oblivious to what’s happening around her.

Polly loves cryptozoology and wants to meet every cryptid at least once.

It’s no secret that she loves pancakes, both cooking and eating them.

Her favorite programs to watch are nature documentaries and low-budget martial arts shows.

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