Don’t let her innocent looks deceive you—she can and will set you on fire. She won’t even feel bad about it.

OCCUPATION: Witch, baby
AGE: 13
HEIGHT: 4′ 5″
WEIGHT: 90 lb.

Since her background is shrouded in mystery, Miya loves to play pretend and make up various facts about herself. She’ll even dress up in costumes to take on whatever role she fancies at the time. While her imaginative mind may seem cute at first, it’s often used to cover up less adorable habits, like arson and communing with the dead.

Miya’s constant ventures with escapism seems to suggest she’s coping, as she’s not ready to grow up yet.

Dressing up in outfits, organizing tea parties, and magic incantations are all of Miya’s most favorite things.

Miya hates being confined, along with more typical, childlike distastes like getting dirty or eating carrots.

Her ability to manipulate magic gives her a strong advantage against the average person, able to pull off feats most people could only dream of. It also helps that she’s clever, able to utilize spells to her advantage. Not one to sit around, Miya will accomplish whatever task she wants whether anyone else likes it or not.

Not quite mature yet, Miya is a bit of a brat when she doesn’t get her way. She’s overconfident, so sure she can handle any situation thrown at her with ease. When it doesn’t go according to plan, Miya’s temper shows itself.

Miya has yet to hit her growth spurt, which is why she’s so small for her age. She’s rather sensitive about it.

She grinds ingredients together to make magical sidewalk chalk.

Don’t attend one of her tea parties.

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