King Malcolm Quimby

Forced to grow up way too soon, Malcolm is a stern ruler who will do what it takes to defend Mercia.

OCCUPATION: King of Mercia
FLINT’S NICKNAME: Various titles that aren’t “king”
AGE: 15
HEIGHT: 5′ 8″
WEIGHT: 132 lb.

He took the throne at the age of five, after his family was killed in an airship raid. Malcolm was quick to learn who to trust, with politicians trying to take advantage of a child to those like Troy who honestly wanted to help. For this reason, he’s reluctant to ever show his full hand, much preferring people who do what they’re told without too many questions.

Calculating and cold, Malcolm plans on winning the war against Mysteel by any means necessary.

Malcolm’s a caffeine fiend, with a mug of coffee permanently glued to his hand. He also enjoys quiet, as he rarely gets a chance to experience it. If asked, Troy would be happy to inform anyone that he’s also fond of symphonies.

Those who meddle with his plans, either by ineptitude or digging deeper than they should. Pointless noise annoys him as well, like tapping or whistling. Most of all, he hates the Mysteel government and paperwork equally.

There’s a reason Mysteel has yet to conquer Mercia—Malcolm has no hesitation to do what has to be done to protect his people, with a sharp mind to back him up. His iron will and careful planning keeps his enemies on their toes, and he understands that his title as king comes with great responsibility.

Given the unyielding stress Malcolm is under, his patience is short and his fuse shorter. He doesn’t allow himself to get close to others emotionally, and can be cold to the plight of others. Sometimes Troy has to talk him out of morally-questionable decisions, keeping Malcolm’s ruthlessness in check.

Troy McKelski is one of the few people Malcolm fully trusts, since he not only saved him from that deadly raid years ago, but has always concerned himself with the king’s wellbeing.

Malcolm is severely colorblind, yet insists on dressing himself.

He’s an experienced boxer thanks to Troy, who was worried the king had no means of defending himself.

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