Laguna Tesla

Rugged, resilient, trigger happy—a formula for the perfect Mysteelion soldier.

OCCUPATION: Ex-soldier, “babysitter”
AGE: 34
WEIGHT: 132 lb.

An action movie hero come to life, Laguna is well known for lumbering into danger and making it out unscathed. He always has multiple guns and explosives on his person, ready to fight in the war he supposedly left in Mysteel. Between his balls of steel and unyielding principles, Laguna isn’t one to abide orders.

A loose cannon, if you will.

He’s a gun nut who also tinkers in his spare time. Explosions are fun to set off and watch, often doing so with a lit cigar.

Laguna has a grudge against vampires, often hostile to them for little reason. He doesn’t tolerate cowardice well, and the yearly infestation he experienced back home left him irate about frogs.

He’s known for being indestructible, able to live through the most deadly battles without a scratch. This coupled with his brazen personality makes him a one-man army at a moment’s notice. While he’s not good at following orders, he’s loyal to those he deems worthy of it.

Since he seems to be impervious to harm, Laguna’s reckless even at the expense of those he’s with. His adamant nature leads him butting heads with anyone who thinks different from him, and his emotional detachment leaves those close to him in the cold.

Given his military history, Laguna earned himself the nickname “Bulletproof Tesla.”

Laguna fancies himself an inventor, tinkering with robots in his spare time.

He prefers to not wear pants.

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