Flint Dartson

Greedy as he is confident, there’s no trick too outrageous if there’s money involved.

OCCUPATION: Con artist, “babysitter”
AGE: 117
HEIGHT: 5′ 10″
WEIGHT: 310 lb. (no, this is not a typo)

Flint is an annoying mosquito known for his devious tricks, outlandish lies, and cheating his way to the top. He never shuts up either, always with an opinion to express and insults to sling. If money’s involved, Flint’s not above faking an injury, making up whatever story someone wants to hear, or impersonating an officer to get it.

While he’s full of himself, Flint does seem to care about his nephew, going out of his way to make sure he’s safe and taken care of. Maybe there’s more to the man than people give him credit for?

Flint loves money, binging TV shows, and tricking people (both for profit and the thrill).

He’s not fond of authority figures, commercials, or garlic. While he’s not allergic to garlic like some vampires, he just doesn’t like the smell.

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone as cunning as Flint, who seems to constantly be a step ahead of his marks. He’s quick-witted too, able to think on the fly and remain calm even when everything’s gone to hell. Well trained in lying, it’s no surprise that Flint has an amazing poker face.

This man never shuts up, even if the situation would be made better with silence. His ignorance doesn’t help either, as he still doesn’t know how to use a smartphone. Despite how loud and outspoken he is, Flint tends to keep his personal matters private, oftentimes coming off as aloof to others.

He loves money, but can’t stand to spend it and will hoard what he has.

Flint has a tail, which he tends to hide under his clothes unless around family (like his great-great nephew Riley).

He never drinks alcohol.

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